Gum Recession Alternative Treatment

Can You Treat Your Receding Gums?

The answer to this query is not easy and simple. It will blow your mind when you come to know that your teeth are about to decay, the roots get exposed, the supporting teeth tissues will weaken day by day, the pockets/gaps have been formed.

Receding gums is a major problem these days. You don’t know how and when you become a victim of this disorder. But some surveys have been performed, which gives you some pre-hints about the receding gums.

The treatment goals for treating receding gums include properly identifying and eliminating the factors that cause the gum disease. Most problems will be solved by simply following the proper oral hygiene methods and professional dental cleaning.

What Are The Causes Of Receding Gums?

  • Due to Poor oral hygiene, bacteria remains inside your mouth. These bacteria cause the formation of plague and ultimately affect the gums.  These bacteria are the primary reason for gum diseases. Other than bacteria, there are some causes of gum diseases or receding gums.
  • Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, menopause and puberty increase the rate of gingivitis to 90%. The change in hormones will make the blood vessels more sensitive and easily get exposed to bacteria
  • Improper intake of nutrients such as high carbohydrates, sugar and low water intake will lead to plaque formation. The plague formation is also involved in the Receding of gums.  Similarly, vitamin C deficiency will also weaken the healing of tissues
  • Some diseases like Diabetes mellitus also weakens the process of circulation and gums capacity to heal
  • Use  of alcoholic drinks, tobacco and other drugs will also affect your gums badly.
  • High-stress levels can weaken the immune system and get affected by bacterial attack
  • Crooked/disoriented teeth will be suspected for the accumulation of plague, which is harder to remove and causes the Receding gums.
  • Cancer patients can easily become a victim of receding gums as their immune system is very weak
  • Medication like antiseizure increases the rate of gum diseases
  • Less saliva production will also affect your gums badly

Above all these causes, some treatments help in the prevention of receding of gums.

Solutions To Treat Receding Gums

Similarly, some methods, techniques and remedies have been introduced to slow down the process of gum receding.

The basic methods which have given preference to treat the receding gums are;

➢ Home remedies
➢ Clinical/surgical Methods

How Effective Are Home Remedies?

Treating the receding gums at home is yet so easy and convenient for people. They don’t need to go through long surgeries. They don’t need to take extra medications after surgery. They don’t need to bear the extra pain of the surgery.

Home remedies to treat receding gums

Some traditional and best home remedies are given here

Green tea contains antioxidants which help to reduce the inflammation of the affected body parts
➢ Use of baking soda with water helps to neutralize the environment of your mouth and protects gum receding.
Saltwater rinse helps to relax your mouth tissues
Hydrogen peroxide, when used as a mouthwash, will help to kill bacteria
➢ Use of sesame and coconut oil helps to reduce bacterial attacks on your gums. This treatment shows a positive effect so far
Turmeric gel is also very effective against Receding of gums

Clinical Ways to Treat Receding of Gums

After removing tartar by a dentist, there is a need to do proper brushing and flossing after every meal. 

➢ Your doctor prescribes a special mouth rinse/mouthwash to eliminate the disease-causing bacteria

➢ Some patients have severe periodontal disease, in which scaling or root planning has been prescribed to deep clean the pockets

How To Treat Gum Recession

➢ Sometimes flap surgery will also be performed, which helps to reduce the size of the pockets formed around the teeth. In this surgery, the gum tissues are lifted, deep cleaning has been performed, and sometimes bones are also reshaped. After all this, the gums are placed back to the original position to minimize pocket size

➢ Grafting is another way to treat receding gums. A layer of soft tissue has been placed onto the exposed area of receding gums. It will protect the teeth from getting exposed too much. This layer of tissues will help to protect the gums while brushing

➢ A new technique has been developed to treat receding gums with some radiation. A laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) in which receding gums are deep cleaned. The stimulation of healing gum tissues and removal of affected tissues

What Kind of Medications Will Help To Treat Receding Gums?

Chlorhexidine gluconate (peridex) is an antiseptic mouthwash that helps to reduce the bacterial growth that causes gum disease

Antibiotic therapies have also been applied to treat receding gums, including periochip (having doxycycline and chlorhexidine) to kill the bacteria and minimize the pocket size

Other than that, some NSAIDs and xylocaine are also prescribed to control the inflammation and pain

These types of medications are very effective and easy to use.

Which Type of Toothpaste will Prevent Receding Gums?

The main objective for tooth-brushing is to remove tartar and bacteria from the teeth.

The presence of fluoride in your toothpaste will help to kill all kinds of bacteria from your mouth. 

Some other chemicals are also present in the toothpaste that will help to protect your teeth from any decay.

The presence of silicates and calcium carbonates helps in the removal of sticky plaque. The presence of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in the toothpaste gives a foaming effect which helps the patients having low saliva production. It keeps the mouth fresh and hydrated.

The use of toothpaste that has pyrophosphates and zinc citrate also helps to protect your teeth from bacterial attacks. 

Using correct toothpaste and having all these useful ingredients will help protect your teeth from gum receding and further oral diseases.


Using suitable home remedies, proper medications, and surgical treatments will help you get rid of receding gum.

People should notice the initial signs of receding gums and make an appointment with the dentist and treat the disease at the initial stages. If you can’t see the improvement by using initial treatments, go for surgery or proper medications. 

The dentist will recommend to you the best way to treat your receding gums.

Gum Recession Treatment At Home
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