Have Receding Gums? Use These Natural Herbs To Regrow Receding Gums Naturally

When it comes to regrowing gum tissue naturally, the first thing that may come to mind is receding gums. Most people are unaware that they can regrow their gums without invasive procedures such as a gum graft or pinhole surgery. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of natural herbs that stop and even reverse the effects of gum recession!

Gum recession can occur due to genetics, periodontal disease, or trauma. Symptoms include soreness, pain sensitivity when eating or brushing teeth, and swollen gums.

If gum recession is left untreated, the supporting tissue and bone structures of the teeth can be damaged. If this damage occurs, tooth loss could occur in the future.

Luckily, There Are Natural Herbs That Can Stop And Even Reverse Gum Recession! Some Of These Include:

Clove Oil:

Clove oil is used as a flavoring in many Asian dishes, such as Vietnamese pho. It can be used for gum recession by applying it directly to the gums. Clove oil has astringent properties that can help stop gum recession.


Neem has long been used in traditional Indian medicine for the treatment of various ailments, including gum disease. It is an antibacterial oil with astringent properties as well.

Oregano Oil:

Oregano has been used medicinally since ancient times and is still popular today. Studies have shown that this herb kills bacteria that cause bad breath and gum inflammation which is the primary cause of gum disease receding gums.

Turmeric Powder:

Tumeric is a spice that is often used in Indian cuisine. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reverse gum recession by reducing inflammation which causes the gums to recede back into your mouth.

Stevia Herb Extract (Plant):

Stevia herb extract is famous for its sweet taste. Studies have shown that it can significantly reduce gum inflammation and help regrow the tissues of your gums to stop receding gums naturally.

Sesame Seed Oil:

SESAME SEED OIL is extracted from the seeds of sesame. This oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats which are known to promote healthy gum tissue and help regrow your gums back into place.

Aloe Vera:

The aloe plant has been used medicinally since ancient times and is still popular today. Studies have shown that this herb kills bacteria that cause bad breath and other gum problems.


 This herb extract is used for a variety of health purposes including coughs and sore throats. It can also be used to help regrow your gums back into place naturally.

Ginger Root Extract (Plant):

Ginger root extract has great anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful for inflamed or irritated gums. Ginger root extract also has properties that fight bacteria which are known to cause gum disease and can regrow your gums back into place naturally

Marshmallow Root Extract (Plant):

This plant extract is a great source of mucilage. It's used in many products as an emollient and soothing agent. Using Marshmallow root extract can also regrow your gums back into place naturally.

Aloe Vera Gel (Plant):

Not only is Aloe a natural antibiotic, but it's also an anti-inflammatory and soothing substance that helps fight inflammation in the mouth and has been shown to help regrow gum tissue back into place without invasive procedures such as gum graph.

Chamomile Tea:

 Chamomile tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with gum disease. Chamomile tea has properties that fight bacteria that are known to cause gum disease.


 Septilin is a remedy that can help strengthen immunity. It can also help you combat gum disease by strengthening your immune system to fight off bacteria that cause gum disease.


Garlic is a natural antibiotic and bacteria-fighting substance as well, this herb has been shown to be helpful in healing many different ailments such as gum disease. It's also an anti-inflammatory that will reduce swelling on your gums or mouth.

Adopt Healthy Life Habits:

It is important to adopt healthy life habits to not only help reduce the risk of developing gum diseases but also other health problems. We hope these natural herbs will provide you with some relief if you are experiencing problems like receding gum disease. If the condition persists, please consult your dentist.

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