Receding gums have been a problem forever. And as you know, "gum grafts" suffer from low success rates not to mention the pain and the cost for such an ineffective treatment.  Moreover, if you had a gum surgery in the past, you already know that having your gums cut open and pulled back, long healing period, excruciating pain,  you never ever want to go through it again.

Here is a Great news for you,  now you can stop and reverse receding gums without painful invasive procedures.

With its unique formulation, Dental Pro 7™ is EXACTLY what your gums need to grow back. This Powerful, all-natural, drops works in a completely different way other products that claim to help gums which rely entirely on essential oils,  or chemicals. 

Dental Pro 7™ works with your body’s natural ability to stop and reverse gum recession. The unique blend of ingredients has the power to stop, and even reverse gum recession, as it has for thousands of other people!

Yes, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in costly, painful dental procedures and accomplish the same results in just a few months for only a few dollars.  

“It may sound too good to be true” , but  you can try dental pro 7 risk free with 100% money back guarantee, so. there is no financial risk what so ever. I think, it's pretty reasonable to give it a try before going for any gum procedures. 

With Dental Pro 7 putting a stop to progressive gum Recession is as easy as 1..2..3..!

Dental Pro 7™ has antimicrobial herbs (OakSilver Fir and Pine tree extract) to control the overpopulation of bad bacteria,  it also contains an ingredient – Chamomile –   to boost the immune system and fight infections therefore less favorable to plaque-forming bacteria that cause the infections behind recession. 

The Silver Fir essence soothes the irritation in the gum's tract. It helps reduce the inflammation in the gums.  

The formulation gives your gums the most-important nutrients that your body absolutely require in order to grow healthy new gum cells. It also has Celandine   which helps to protect gum tissue and is a powerful antioxidant. This herbs helps to heal gum connective tissue.

It contains Yarrow  as it has been employed for natural wound treatment for centuries. The chemical achilleine present in this herb is known for its ability to stop bleeding.  

To soothe existing gum tissue, Dental Pro 7™ contains soothing herbs (the renowned herb of  Nettle in their purest, most potent form. 

With no artificial chemical additives, it’s bursting with purity.

 All you have to do is use Dental Pro 7™ twice a day. Within a few short weeks you can;

  •  Stop gum disease receding gums
  •  Neutralize harmful acid
  •  Nutrify gum tissue
  •  Re-mineralize teeth naturally
  •  Maintain gum health
  •  Soothe sore gums
  •  Neutralize bad odors
  •  Promote natural healing

Why to avoid Gum graph?

Having your gums cut open and pulled back to scrape plaque or gum tissue taken from pallet and stitched over the receded tooth root, I can tell you that you never, ever want to do it. The healing time is long and the pain is excruciating.

Only Dental Pro 7 has the nutritional essential that can stop receding gums, grow new healthy gum tissue and support healing.

All the ingredients in Dental Pro 7 are specially combined to do what your body is unable or unwilling to do it for you.  Dental Pro 7 continues to work all day and night. Within weeks you will see for yourself that you are winning the fight against gum disease receding gums.

You can pass on this offer or you can try this solution. The product comes with 100% money back guarantee, so you can try Dental Pro 7™ without any financial risk what so ever. I think, it's pretty reasonable to give it a try before gum graph procedure.

dental pro 7 Ingredients


Oak bark includes tannins (phlobatannin, ellagitannins, gallic acid), and Quercetin.

The blood-clotting agents active in Oak bark are also essential in healing damaged gums

Silver Fir

It has antiseptic, toning, deodorizing and breath stimulating effects.

The Silver Fir soothes the irritation in the gum's tract. It helps reduce the inflammation in the gums.


Nettle Nettle - Today the herbal practitioner has found many uses for the humble nettle. It is given to lessen bleeding in the mouth. It has anti-spastic, anti-psychotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Greater Celandine

Celandine - has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help protect against damaging bacteria in the mouth.  It can also help to protect gum tissue and is a powerful antioxidant.


Neem Loaded with nutrients, neem oil is also used in natural skin care products because it contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental damage. 

Pine tree carotene extract

Pine trees are well known as the "Givers of Life" and “Natures Best Defense Against Free Radicals. It's great for disease prevention, toxin protection and sustained longevity


Calendula -Its anti-inflammatory properties work against swollen, gums and its antibacterial properties deal with these germs. Calendula is effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis.


Chamomile High Source of Antioxidants.  Chamomile is sometimes called an “herbal aspirin”.

Chamomile flowers are used with other anti-inflammatory foods to reduce pain, congestion, swelling and redness. 


Sage curbs the growth and spread of bacterial and fungal infections; it can also stop the dangerous behavior of bacteria entering our body through water or food. This beneficial property will protect wounds and heal cuts.


In more recent times, yarrow has been used in connection with a number of health conditions including menstrual ailments. Yarrow has been employed for natural wound treatment, it can be sprinkled on wounds to  dull pain.

Tea-Tree Oil

Tea tree, also known as melaleuca, is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds.

It has been documented in numerous medical studies to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Clove is known for it Anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and antioxidant protection. Medicinal properties and health benefits of cloves. The active principles in the clove are known to have antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, rubefacient  and anti-flatulent properties. 

Our refund policy – if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, we will give you a refund of your purchase price.

Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers

My dentist told me that my gums were receding. Then I started Dental Pro 7™, and a year later I went back and was told that my gums had grown back up again.  It’s wonderful.*

Glenn H.
Philadelphia, DE

I am over the moon to share my success story. In March of this year my gum measurements were 7s, 8s, and 9s, with bleeding upon examination.

My Periodontis told me that he had no other option but to perform gum graph surgery, and to remove my front teeth!

Horrified by this, I adamantly asked him to allow me 3 months to explore non-surgical solutions.

I attacked the internet with fervor and out of all the good solutions I found Dental Pro 7™ , my gut told me to give this a go. Even though at the time, I thought the testimonies on your website were too good to be true! I thought what the heck, I've got potentially something to gain and teeth to lose!

I first started using your product in May. At the end of June I went in for deep cleaning and my Oral Hygienist said that my gums had improved but to come back in a month and see the Periodontis for new measurements, and that that would be the real test.

I have just had my appointment and my Periodontis was absolutely blown away. In his words he said "It's unbelievable, this never happens!".

I had no bleeding upon examination and my measurements were mostly 2s and 3s. He also said he wouldn't even consider doing surgery on me now as my condition is maintainable! And maintain it I will! From a prior skeptic, it works and I've still got my teeth to prove it!

Robert M.
Philadelphia, DE

I was scheduled for 4 appointments for root planning and scaling. I had three weeks before my first appointment so I started treating my gums myself with frequent brushing, flossing, mouth wash, and water pick.

I saw a lot of improvement so when the dental office called to say they would have to reschedule my first appointment I decided to just wait and see how much more I improved. After searching the internet I found Dental Pro 7™ and ordered some. The result has been nothing short of miraculous.

No more symptoms of gum problems and my gum tissue is actually growing up between my teeth where it should be. I wish I had taken a "before " picture to show just how much improvement has taken place. I am going back to the dentist in two months and can't wait to see the shock on the hygienist's face.

This works, and your mouth feels so fresh and clean. I will never use toothpaste or mouthwash again!

Mary A. Herrington
Jacksonville Beach, FL

I decided to use Dental Pro 7™ and see what would happen.

I went to a new periodontitis for a free evaluations and all the 3s and 4s he was now reading at 2s.... and the 6s and 7s were down to 5s. And at only 4 areas now (and this was after only one bottle of your solution)

I am so pleased with the improvement I plan to use Dental Pro 7™ for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for this product.

Stacey J. Torres
Dexter, MN

I was beside myself with self pity and didn't know what to do. They gave me this toothpaste and mouth rinse to use, scheduled me an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed exactly one month from that day.

I knew I had to do something to help this situation so I turned to the internet. I came upon several topics about gum disease but didn't seem to take any interest in any of them until I came upon your website.

I have always been very skeptical about ordering anything from the internet because I thought it would be a scam or wouldn't work, what did I have to lose!

I ordered a bottle of Dental Pro 7™, received it on March 3 and started using it the same day. My gums were sore and swollen in the back by the gum lines, after brushing with Dental Pro 7™ I would put some extra drops directly on the irritated area, after a week my gums was back to normal, no pain or irritation anywhere.

The taste is so refreshing and my mouth and breath had a minty tingling sensation. I really like the taste!!

I called my dentist 3 weeks after using this product and told him I wanted to try other things to save my teeth and help with my gum disease and cancel my appointment to have my teeth removed.

I went back in May for my 3 months cleaning and gum scaling, to my amazement I had hardly any bleeding and my 9 pockets was now at 5's, 3's and 2's. My appointment back in February was really bad with bleeding everywhere and deep deep pockets!!

I have never seen numbers like this since I've had gum disease! This product truly works, have made a believer out of me and I am a living witness, IT WORKS!!!!!

J.V Anderson
Taylor, MI

I came across Dental Pro 7™ by accident when surfing the web, having a gum problem myself since 2007 nothing I had used seemed to be working, my gums just kept on receding.

Then I started with Dental Pro 7™ & in the past 6 months that I have been using it has been the best product to date for me, it brings me peace of mind and its the only product I have found that actually eliminates the build up of plaque in-between my teeth & at the back, the only other time that plaque has been removed is when I visit the dentist for a clean.

Now that I have found Dental Pro 7™ , I will continue to use, being into holistic methods myself and having checked the ingredients out, I feel I was divinely guided to this product, especially as I had been praying for something to come to me and help me save my gums

Gerald Johnson
Mount Holly, NJ

When the gum line (where the gum meets the exposed portion of the teeth) has moved away from the end of a tooth and toward its root, or large gaps appear between teeth, you have gum recession. It involves the death of gum cells that previously covered up the tooth towards its root and covered the tooth-supporting structures. Antibacterial agents, as well as nutrition, are essential to support new cell growth and promote healing.

Elizabeth Metcalfe
San Antonio, TX

"Having had my gums cut open and pulled back over my head to scrape plaque away from the bone and teeth, I can tell you that you never, ever want to do it twice. The healing time is long and the pain is excruciating. Thanks to Dental Pro 7 my dentist says that it looks like I won’t need it again if things continue the way they are going. Wow…what a relief! I can’t imagine doing it again. Thanks soooo much!"

Jennifer R. Diaz
Lancaster, PA

This product is the best thing I have found for my teeth so far!! …I have been using this product for about a week now & what a difference it makes already. I can see my gums are reversing the receding gums, I’m no longer bleeding, the plaque & the tartar are starting to diminish!

Stephen J.
Newington, CT

My results are fantastic! I started using DENTAL PRO 7™ in March, 2003. I had trouble with bleeding gums and ever since I started using dental pro 7™, my gums are 100% better. It's an amazing product. Thank you.

Los Angeles, CA

This is my sixth order of your product and I have to say I will continue to order your product for years to come. I have stopped using my old brand of toothpaste because it does nothing for me. I can floss regularly now since my gums no longer bleed and hurt when I do. My gums are healthier, my mouth feels cleaner and fresher since I've switched. Thank you.

Jerry Delince
Miami, FL

Believe it! Everything Dental pro 7™ claimed has worked for me. I will continue to use it.

Queens, NY

My dentist first told me about this product because he felt that I needed medication to help control my gum disease. He said as a last resort to try dental pro 7™ before he put me on the pills that I would have to take three times a day for the rest of my life, at a great expense I might add. Well, here it is one year later and no drugs for me. Dental Pro 7™ has controlled my gum disease and I can't begin to say how happy I am with this product. Thank you guys so much.

Harry Stern
Chicago, IL

I can’t tell you how much I love Dental Pro 7! It has made my whole life completely different. Gum disease is slow and you don’t realize how bad it's become until you stop and take a look. I was tired of bleeding. I was tired of bad breath! I took control of my life with Dental Pro 7 and I feel amazing!

Rosemont, VA

There’s nothing more uncool than bad breath. Having bad breath made me feel like a social outcast. I knew everyone noticed and talked about me behind my back when they left my office! I’ve had a good life and enjoy many things but being ridiculed by people is not one of them. I tried everything…gum, breath mints, mouthwash. Only Dental Pro 7 gave me back my confidence knowing that my breath is always fresh. It lets me go on with the many important things I need to do without worrying about my breath. Not only did Dental Pro 7 restore my confidence, it restored my gums and saved my teeth. I never thought it was possible! Long live Dental Pro 7!

Los Angeles, CA

There are a lot of companies that make these claims, but look closely and compare their ingredients to ours.  You’ll see a crucial difference.  You will find advertisements on the internet which claim that products from sodium bicarbonate to peppermint drops can cure your gum disease. This is pure nonsense. Temporarily getting rid of the symptoms does not cure the disease. Making your breath smell better for a few minutes does not keep it from coming back.

If this were true, why do so many adults still suffer from gum disease? Others just make up names for the so called cures. Try dental pro 7 with 100% moneyback guarantee and see the difference for yourself.

Only Dental Pro 7™ delivers healing nutrients directly to the gums, which are required by your body to grow gum cells.  Other products just don’t have it.  Nothing short of miraculous are the words that come to mind when you see the results for yourself. Its the 1,2 punch germs can not stand up to. Any harmful bacteria left after brushing will never escape this germ killing liquid.

The high tannin content in Dental Pro 7™ binds with protein of the tissues thus making them impermeable to bacterial invasion and infection while at the same time strengthening the tissues.

Years of development specially targeted to kill germs, stimulate gum regeneration and leave you with the freshest breath ever is here for you. For years we only sold this to doctors, this organic liquid miracle is the perfect combination with Dental Pro 7™ , for quickly promoting the regrowth of gum tissue. Penetrating well below the gum line this special decoction of natural herbs will stop the spread of any harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Dental Pro 7™ formulation has antiseptic, toning, deodorizing and breath stimulating effects.  This Silver Fir essence present in Dental Pro 7™ soothes the irritations in mouth. 

Dental Pro 7™ also provides adequate supplies of antioxidants to afford us the best prospect for disease prevention, toxin protection and sustained longevity and vigor.

Our competitors mainly limit their claims to reducing levels of plaque-causing bacteria (usually due to a few, basic essential oils), but only Dental Pro 7™ has the purist herbal extracts that trigger the growth of new gum cells by feeding the growth of new gum cells with its unique herbal blend. Try Dental Pro 7™. See for yourself.  We offer a money-back guarantee, so you can judge for yourself risk-free.

Gum recession isn’t really tissue retreating; the tissue is actually contracting because lots of gum cells have died.  Almost always, the gum cells are dying due to gum infection. Rarely, it might also be caused by irritation of the gums by either brushing too hard or chemical irritants ( found in popular toothpastes).

Most of the time, gum infection starts off with bacteria invading gum cells. Plaque-forming bacteria collect on the gum line – their favorite place to hide. If left undisturbed, they absorb nutrients from the food in your mouth and also minerals from your saliva. Tartar is then caused by mineral calcification and becomes a site of the bacteria’s acidic waste, which irritates the gums and forms lesions through which bacteria can enter, infecting the inside. The body’s response is inflammation, in an attempt to kill the bacteria. 

You might also grind or clench your teeth, which can also trigger receding gums, as well as brushing too much or too harshly (especially with a hard toothbrush).

Gum recession isn’t really tissue retreating; the tissue is actually contracting because lots of gum cells have died.  Almost always, the gum cells are dying due to gum infection. Rarely, it might also be caused by irritation of the gums by either brushing too hard or chemical irritants ( found in popular toothpastes). Like most people, we’ll bet you’ve been using toothpaste for years, right? Yet, it hasn’t prevented you succumbing to gum problems including receding gums. THE TRUTH IS, TOOTHPASTE DOES LITTLE TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF YOUR GUMS. Toothpaste is sold as a cosmetic, so it’s allowed to contain industrial abrasives and cleaners which are intended to grind away the plaque that adheres tightly to your teeth which can irritate sensitive gums. Most toothpastes also contain artificial chemical additives, some of which are known to be toxic. That can’t be good for mouth tissue like your gums – which so readily absorb.

The majority of toothpastes also contain glycerin, which leaves a filmy coating on teeth and gums preventing your saliva from working the way nature intended in managing the health of your mouth.

But Dental Pro 7™ works in a completely different way. This trusted formula contains bacteria-busting ingredients and the exact nutrition your gum tissue needs to restore optimal gum health…

Some of the reasons why 92.5% of users have  rated Dental Pro 7™ as an excellent oral care product.

  • Unlike most toothpastes, Dental Pro 7™ contains nothing artificial or and no abrasives, meaning you can use it with complete confidence and be reassured that the gum infection will not spread from chemical irritants.
  • Dental Pro 7™ is in powder form so that its herbs can retain their natural potency – vital in the healing process of gum infection. The small particle powder sizes promote rapid dissolving in your saliva to become a liquid and get to those places that need it most.
  • These bottles of goodness are bursting with vitamin C, which is absorbed directly by your gums, supporting your mouth’s ability to heal.
  • Undisturbed plaque becomes very hard and cements to the teeth. The cranberry ingredient in Dental Pro 7™ has the unusual property of loosening plaque so that it can be removed during brushing and flossing more easily.
  • The herbal ingredients in Dental Pro 7™ help support sore gums, with soothing myrrh and peppermint.
  • The baking soda present in Dental Pro 7™ helps to prevent the acidic environment in which plaque-producing bacteria love to multiply.
  • Every ingredient in Dental Pro 7™ is certified GMO Free and free from heavy metals.
  • We derive only pure, high-quality, natural ingredients direct from the manufacturer to guarantee ultimate quality and potency.
  • Dental Pro 7™ ensures the manufacturing process and final product are up to the exceptionally high standards.

Use Dental Pro 7™ for brushing, flossing and in-between cleaning. Twice daily brushing with Dental Pro 7™ and a soft toothbrush will give your teeth and receding gums a fighting chance. No more using scratchy hard or medium toothbrushes or having to brush vigorously!

You can relax and smile again with confidence!

Use Dental Pro 7™ for brushing, flossing and in-between cleaning. Twice daily brushing with Dental Pro 7™ and a soft toothbrush will give your teeth and receding gums a fighting chance. No more using scratchy hard or medium toothbrushes or having to brush vigorously!

Healthy teeth and gums IS possible!

With regular use, good oral care practices, a good diet (limited sugars and refined starches), and careful observation, you should be able to see changes.  First should be the stoppage of further recession.  Slowly over time you'll notice the start of reversal. If you use an interdental brush (interpoximal bush), you may notice that room for the brush starts getting smaller, indicating that the gaps between your teeth aren’t as large as before. That means you’re on the right track, and continuing with the many ways of using Dental Pro 7™ is a good way to go for you.









It can’t be any easier! It takes just 32 seconds to securely order online! We made it so easy to get, that you don’t have a single, valid excuse for refusing to grab it for yourself! Even the cost is so small in relation to the benefits you will receive. All YOU need to do is click below and place your order. Dental Pro 7 will be on the way to your front door.



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